New Life Church of the Nazarene

Church Information

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Life Lines

                                                                Pastor Ron's weekly devotional. 

                                                   Lifeliines can be found on Facebook or

                                                   by clicking the link below.  You can

                                                   also request to be added to the email

                                                   list and have Lifelines mailed to you

                                                   every week by contacting Pastor Ron.


Church Pastor

                                                 Pastor Ron Karkosky and

                                                 his wife Sandy are faithful

                                                 leaders of our congregation.

                                                 To learn more visit our

                                                 Biographies page.

Children's Pastor

                                      Lynne Phillips serves the Lord by

                                      ensuring our youngest members

                                      know Christ in fun and spirit-led

                                      ways.  To learn more visit our

                                      Biographies page.

Worship Team

                                                        Paula and Terry Prather lead

                                             our contemporary worship

                                             service in praise and worship

                                             of God.  To learn more visit

                                             our Biographies page.



                                                    New church directory is in the works!

                                                    We are planning on including a

                                                    portrait of each family.  Our

                                                    photographer has set May 30-31 as

                                                    our "picture days" so please click the

                                                    camera to schedule your time.

                                                    Questions - Contact Ron or Dan.